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Investor Ideas #Potcasts 530, #Cannabis News and #Stocks on the Move; (TSX: $TGOD.TO) (OTC: $TGODF) (NYSE: $ACB) (TSX: $ACB.TO) (TSX: $VLNS.TO) (OTCQX: $VLNCF)


Delta, Kelowna, BC, February 12, 2020 ( Newswire), a global news source covering leading sectors including marijuana and hemp stocks and its potcast site,  release today’s podcast edition of  cannabis news and stocks to watch plus insight from thought leaders and experts.


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Good afternoon and welcome to another episode of "Potcast" featuring cannabis news, stocks to watch as well as insights from thought leaders and experts.


In today’s podcast we will be looking at a few public and private company announcements.


The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TSX: TGOD) (OTC: TGODF), a leading producer of premium certified organically grown cannabis, announced that it has signed a supply agreement with CannMart, a subsidiary of Namaste Technologies Inc., making its certified organic medical cannabis products available via CannMart's online medical cannabis sales platform.


"Working with established players such as CannMart expands our distribution footprint within the medical cannabis market, while allowing TGOD to focus medical resources on research and innovation," commented Sean Bovingdon, TGOD's Chief Financial Officer and Interim Chief Executive Officer.  "Their reach and scale facilitate access to cannabis treatments for patients across Canada."


"We are pleased to welcome TGOD to and look forward to working closely with them to expand their reach to Canadian cannabis consumers," commented Chad Agate, CTO and VP, Marketplace of Namaste Technologies. "We continue to leverage our Marketplace Platform, VendorLink, as we are increasingly seeing the added value Namaste's innovative technology can bring to organizations such as TGOD."


Under the two-year term agreement, TGOD will provide CannMart with a broad portfolio of certified organic medical cannabis products, including premium dried flower, RIPPLE dissolvable powder, gummies, and teas.


Ikänik Farms Inc. announced that its wholly owned, Colombian subsidiary Pideka SAS ("Pideka"), has successfully completed the first commercial sale and exportation of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) to Mexico, for use in Formula Magistral.


"We are excited to participate in this groundbreaking moment for the cannabis industry and the countries of Mexico and Colombia, as the first Colombian company to export psychoactive cannabis oil to Mexico. We would like to thank both governments for their roles, ensuring this collaborative effort remained a top priority." said Borja Sanz de Madrid, President of Ikänik Farms, International.


Working hand in hand with both governments, the Company was successfully able to obtain all certifications and permissions, needed to legalize the process and complete its 15-step procedure required to export psychoactive cannabis products from Colombia to Mexico.

Ikänik Farms legalized the exportation process of psychoactive cannabis in Colombia, making it the first company to successfully complete a "commercial sale" for export.


Looking ahead, the company will provide cannabinoid solutions through formula magistral in LATAM to treat epilepsy, cancer, pain, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and support the growing demand of the EU marketplace.


"We are proud to have participated in this historic moment and look forward to our growth, servicing the global cannabis market." said Brian Baca, CEO of Ikänik Farms.


Ikänik Farms intends to list on the Canadian Securities Exchange.


Canadian neurotech start-up Zentrela today announced the completion of an $850K seed round led by Jornic Ventures.


The investment will be used to further commercialize Zentrela's proprietary EEG test for cannabis impairment and create the world's largest scientific database of cannabis product effects1. In 2019 the company raised $1.2M in funding from the Ontario Brain Institute and various government agencies to fund prototype development and clinical trials.


The neuroscience of cannabis is advancing quickly at pace with the speed of deregulation, as government regulators, license producers, drug testing experts, law enforcement officials and recreational cannabis users seek to better understand cannabis and its effects on the brain.


"Our research has already identified several proprietary signatures related to how cannabis impacts the brain. We are now cataloguing the entire universe of effects for Cannabis 2.0 products. This goldmine of data will help unlock new insights and opportunities for licensed producers and enable cannabis consumers to make more informed purchase decisions to ensure responsible and enjoyable cannabis use," says Israel Gasperin, Zentrela CEO and founder.


"We expect innovative cannabis 2.0 products will trigger the next wave of growth in the cannabis sector, especially as US markets continue to deregulate and the prospect of national US legalization becomes more real," says Richard Sansom, President of Jornic Ventures. "Zentrela's unique and scalable neuroscience-based methodology solves a major challenge for the industry and promises to provide a rapidly growing universe of cannabis users with the information they demand and need safe and enjoyable cannabis use."


Zentrela's approach combines proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms with deep neuroscience expertise to decode electrical brain activity and convert it into reliable and meaningful information.


"The potential for neuroscience has exploded as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have matured. We can now isolate neural 'signatures' of product effects and use that information rapidly to accelerate the process of mapping specific cannabis product effects for consumers," says Gasperin.


High Tea Cannabis Co. announced the opening of its flagship cannabis store in Brampton, Ontario and its commitment to achieving zero-emission delivery by utilizing its fleet of Tesla vehicles.


High Tea will open its doors to the public officially on February 12, 2021 with some clear market differentiators at play that will appeal to its customers.


“Prior to the pandemic, visions for High Tea included a space that moved beyond just cannabis retail but included social, experiential interactions and integrative wellness offerings that would distinguish our brand from other retailers in the space,” said Paul Joo, CEO of High Tea Cannabis Co. “However, amid the pandemic, we have put these social integrations aside for the moment and will instead focus on grounding the customer experience through premium cannabis offerings, reliable delivery and curbside pickup.”


While the social and interactive components may not be available at the outset, High Tea will still be setting itself apart through its unique delivery vehicles, where more than half of the fleet will be operating via Tesla cars.


“Growth in e-commerce has meant that there are more delivery vehicles on the road than ever before, and we want to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. High Tea is committed to sustainability and our goal is to expand our availability of Tesla vehicles and achieve zero-emissions delivery for all orders in the future,” said Joo.


Located inside Kennedy Square Mall, High Tea will be adding much-needed offerings to the budding community of Brampton. Today, more than 600,000 residents call Brampton home with significant population growth expected year over year. Despite this annual population growth, there are only five legal cannabis stores in this area today.


“We see great potential for High Tea to thrive in Brampton while simultaneously offering tremendous value to the community that lives there. We had very clear characteristics that we were looking for when selecting the location for our flagship store, and Brampton hit each element including a thriving population, space for opportunity and diversity,” said Joo.

Effective February 12th, High Tea will offer fast and convenient delivery to Brampton, Georgetown, Milton, Mississauga, and Vaughan. To celebrate the opening of its flagship store, High Tea will offer $5 delivery to all accessible regions..


This is the first location for the High Tea brand but the company is poised to open an additional fifteen stores in 2021 in Ontario.


Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) (TSX: ACB), the Canadian company defining the future of cannabinoids worldwide, today announced its financial and operational results for the second quarter of fiscal 2021 ended December 31, 2020.


Some of their financial highlights included: Total Cannabis Net Revenue of $70.3 Million, Excluding Provisions of $2.7 Million, Up 11% over Q2 2020; Medical Cannabis Net Revenue of $38.9 Million, Up 42% Versus Q2 2020, Driven by a 562% Increase in High Margin International Medical Sales; and Adjusted EBITDA Loss, excluding Provisions and Termination Costs, of $12.1 Million Represents an Improvement of $53.1 Million Over Q2 2020; Current Loss Triggered by Several Decisions Expected to Boost Long-Term Profitability.

"Aurora had an excellent second quarter, and I'm pleased that we're advancing nicely against the plan we laid out in September of 2020," stated Miguel Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Cannabis. "For the period, our core revenue strength in medical and consumer was complemented by initial rollouts in vape products and concentrates. Combined, these elements are part of the proven, regulated CPG strategy we've adopted.  Adjusted EBITDA for the quarter, while vastly improved year over year, was impacted by several decisions that we believe will clear a path for our premium product focus and more variable cost model. We are confident that this will give Aurora maximum flexibility and position the organization to drive significant cashflow in the coming quarters."


"To further support this strategy, we have also focused on improving our cash burn, margins and overall financial flexibility.  To that point, our year over year cash use has decreased by 74% to $70.5 million, our normalized margins remain solid particularly in medical, and our recently amended credit facility gives Aurora much improved optionality as opportunities arise.  Combined with $565 million in cash on our balance sheet today, Aurora will continue to be a long-term player in the global cannabinoid market and increasingly positioned to deliver for shareholders over the long run."


The Valens Company Inc. (TSX: VLNS) (OTCQX: VLNCF), a leading manufacturer of cannabis derivative products, has received an amendment to its existing Health Canada standard processing licence permitting the sale of dried cannabis products to authorized provincial and territorial retailers in Canada. This licence amendment allows The Valens Company to distribute next generation dried cannabis derivative products across the country, increasing the Company's total addressable market.


Pre-rolls and dried cannabis derivative products will be the latest additions to the Company's growing portfolio of in-demand offerings, which includes a variety of cannabis extract products such as vapes, concentrates, edibles, beverages, and topicals. With this new licence, The Valens Company can now offer a complete range of products to its customers in the Canadian recreational cannabis market.


"At the request of our partners we are increasing our product offering to include pre-rolls and next generation dried cannabis products," said Tyler Robson, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Chair of The Valens Company. "We believe that this licence, paired with our low-cost platform, will drive a competitive advantage for our partners in a category with price sensitive consumers."


With access to competitively priced fresh and dried cannabis sources, Valens is strongly positioned to develop and manufacture the highest-quality dried cannabis derivative products at a category shaping value proposition. A variety of pre-roll formats, in numerous blends and sizes, are currently under development at Valens' newly-operational K2 facility located in Kelowna, British Columbia.


ATMA Journey Centers Inc. ("ATMA"), an Alberta-based company focused on delivering innovative psychedelic-assisted therapies internationally, announced today the launch of an innovative professional training program in conjunction with Wayfound Mental Health Group Inc. ("Wayfound") that will equip mental health professionals with the knowledge and insight to work with psychedelic medicines as they become accessible and legalized in Canada.


Starting in March 2021, ATMA and Wayfound will present the Psychedelic Therapy Training Program for Mental Health Professionals, which will take place through remote training as well as on-site at ATMA's Calgary Journey Center.  The training allows participants to apply for an exemption from Health Canada to experience legal psychedelic-assisted therapy using psilocybin, one of the active compounds found in 'magic mushrooms'.  Incorporating hands-on experience with psychedelics for therapists in a legal setting is a first for the mental health community in Canada.


David Harder, Co-CEO of ATMA, said: "While Health Canada continues to increase access to legal psychedelic-assisted therapy for patients through their recent Section 56 Exemptions, there is a growing need in the mental health industry for therapists to have the appropriate training and knowledge to facilitate this important work."


Each participant of the professional training program will also be assisted in obtaining their own exemption from Health Canada so that they may personally undergo psychedelic-assisted therapy.  This unique element of the training will provide each professional the personal perspective to truly understand and experience how psychedelics can benefit their patients.


Health Canada has recently been taking steps to increase access to psychedelic medicine through its ongoing approvals of exemptions under Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), the legislation that governs controlled substances in Canada such as psychedelics.  ATMA was the first private company in Canada to conduct legal psychedelic-assisted therapy using psilocybin on behalf of a palliative client who had been granted a Section 56 exemption.


Health Canada also recently completed a public consultation period regarding the Special Access Program (SAP), with a view to reversing certain regulatory changes made in 2013 that prohibited access to restricted drugs (such as psychedelics) through the SAP.

Added Harder: "We believe that Health Canada has recognized the need to consider increased access to psychedelic medicine for Canadians, and that a key element of this will be ensuring that there are professionals prepared and trained to support patients who undergo this innovative treatment."


The Psychedelic Therapy Training Program will commence in March and will feature a world-class faculty of instructors and practitioners that represent many of the leaders in the global psychedelic medicine community.  Confirmed instructors include Dr. Rick Doblin, Founder and Executive Director of MAPS, a U.S. based organization widely considered to be the most influential player in the growing psychedelics renaissance.


Harder noted: "We've seen extraordinary interest and response in this initial program, and we anticipate that this will be the first of many trainings we offer in the coming months.  Our first group is almost at capacity already, so we're working hard to expand our programming calendar to respond to the need."



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